How the idea was born

All of us know that having many followers on Instagram is equivalent to having more online reputation, and greater visibility for their products or services. In short, the more Instagram followers you have, the more you sell.

How so many other similar to my account having so many followers? Mine is still stuck the same number from months! I don’t want spend my life in front of the  smartphones to increase your Instagram followers! I could pay someone to do it for me, but who knows how much it costs … Or I heard from that guy that I could buy some followers, but will they be real ..?

This is what usually passes for the heads of people who want to use Instagram to achieve something concrete and not simply use it as a distraction or a pastime.

The Solution

Yes, the solution to this problem definitely exists: Inbomba is a highly effective service that substitutes you.


You have to do nothing, our service will increase your Instagram followers and in a completely automatic way! Inbomba behaves indeed exactly as you would do: it takes care to like and follow only those who are interested in your business, it will be in all respects your substitute. And the great thing is that Inbomba can work 24/7. It never stops!

Do you know what does this mean?

The Followers Explosion

Your followers will grow and with them your sales, in case you have an online store, or finally you’ll have a large number of followers interested in what you post.

We are so confident in the quality of our service to offer a full refund in the event that your followers are not increased. We guarantee the result!


Marco, Inbomba’s fondator:

“It all started two years ago when, almost for fun, I created a very similar program to the current Inbomba for an online clothing store of my very close friend. Week by week the followers of his Instagram account grew steadily, they literally exploded! (and that’s the reason for our name).

So, why not to make this fantastic thing available to everyone?

And here we are!”


How Does Inbomba Work

Here is how to activate our service to increase your Instagram followers. It is quick and easy, don’t worry, nothing complicated.


  1. Login with your Instagram information to take advantage of the free trial period.
  2. Enter the hashtags and the relevant place for your business in the control panel.
  3. Save and click on Start, Inbomba will work for you without stopping, liking, commenting, following or not the users who have posted pictures related to your hashtag reference. That’s what you would do.


The consequence of this incessant activity will be that many users will start to follow your account. You will then be able to engage them and convert them into customers.

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You wouldn’t do without it!

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