Is it safe to use Inbomba?

Absolutely, our service is like a normal human activity and we stick within Instagram limits, so there is never any point where your Instagram account is in danger. We use a private proxy service to offer the safest way for an organic growth to every user. More information on Support page 

Will Inbomba avoid offensive content?

Our service has built-in features to avoid content that is offensive. It is also possible to use blacklisting to avoid content.

How does refund guarantee works ?

Inbomba counts the numbers of your new followers during the period that you bought, if that number will be zero you can ask us your money-back. Please read the Terms of service (LINK) for more information and the complete instructions.

Must I stay online and with the site open to keep it working?

There is no need for you to stay online or keep the site open for Inbomba to work because all of the actions are perform on our servers. You just set it up and we’ll do the rest.

Will it continue to work even if I close the browser, log off or switch my device off?

Yes, because all of the actions are perform on our servers and not your Internet connection. Logging off or closing the browser will also have no impact.


Can I edit my settings when activity is started?

Yes, the changes take effect after 1 hour, more or less.

Am I restricted in any way with following people?

Yes you are, but that has nothing to do with Inbomba. It is due to limitations placed on you by Instagram. They limit the number of your following to 7500, but remember that follow requests that are still outstanding also count towards that number. To free up space, unfollow some people and it will work again.

My Activity is not working

First, check on the status bar in the setting if the Service are working or not.

Check if you have switch off all the privacy setting on Instagram.

If the service seems not working means that you have hit your daily Instagram limit and is not to do with our service. To fix this, simply wait anywhere between 12 and 24 hours and then run your Activity again.

Other possible cause is that you set a wrong or broken Proxy line, check the status of you proxy line on “advanced setting” and fix the problem with your proxy line.

My Activity is going slow

If it seems slowly probably is because of the way that the service works. We spread the actions throughout the day to stop you from hitting your daily limits on Instagram. We change the speed to make sure that all of your activity is distributed quite evenly throughout the day.

Other possible cause is that: if you’re using strict Targeting, especially in combination with multiple Filters, you are severely limiting the number of media your Inbomba account can interact with, which is usually the cause of slow Activity.

What do you mean by the term “Instagram limits”?

“Instagram limits” refers to the number of actions that you can do on your account on any given day. However, the exact number can vary on different accounts, but generally you are allowed 400 follows, 300 unfollows, 1100 likes, and 200 comments over a 24 hour period. This parameters are lower if you have a new Instagram account.

Affiliation Program

Do you have an affiliation program ?

Yes, we have. You can register here

How it's work ?

Your Affiliates receive the 15 % off on their first purchase and you get the 15% of what they spend forever.

Here more information

Payment & Billing

Where can I find my billing history?

To view all your past purchases, simply pass over your name in the top right-hand corner of the page and select My Account from the drop-down menu.

Then click on Orders to view all your orders and bills.

Where can I get an invoice?

To view all your past purchases, simply pass over your name in the top right-hand corner of the page and select My Account from the drop-down menu.

Then click on Orders to view all your orders and bills.

PayPal payment declined

If your PayPal payment was declined you should check that you have enough funds on your card that you use with PayPal. You can also contact PayPal or your bank to get help to understand why your transactions were declined.

Already contacted my bank and checked my cards

Feel free to send us a support message for more detailed help regarding your payment error.

How to change my billing information?

To view all your past purchases, simply pass over your name in the top right-hand corner of the page and select My Account from the drop-down menu.

Then click on Addresses and edit you billing address.

Login e password

Forgot Inbomba password

Click on this link and enter the email address associated with your Inbomba account to receive a password reset email.

Be sure to search your inbox for “Inbomba” as sometimes the email can go to a different email folder, such as spam.

How to change Inbomba password

Log in to Inbomba and simply pass over your name in the top right-hand corner of the page and select My Account  from the drop-down menu. Here click on  “Account details”, then you will see links to change your password.

I lost access to email address registered under my dashboard

If your email associated with your Inbomba dashboard is no longer active, and you need to reset your password, please fill out this form and send it to us.

Subject: Email lost
Message: Answers to the next questions:

  • What is your inactive email address associated with your Inbomba account?
  • Which usernames are added to your dashboard?
  • Which payment method(s) have you used to pay on Inbomba (last 4 digits for cards and/or email for PayPal accounts)?
  • What is the total amount and the date of your most recent payment? Check on your Paypal account.
  • What is the new email you would like to set?

If your answers will be correct, then our support managers will set your new email for your Inbomba dashboard account and will let you know.

Forgot my Instagram password

If you have forgotten your Instagram password, please bear in mind that this is an issue outside of the scope of our service.

Please visit the forgot password link from the Instagram app and follow the directions to reset your password. Bear in mind that the email reset link from Instagram will come to the email you set for your Instagram account, which may or may not be the same as the email you’re using for Inbomba.

How to reset Instagram password

Please bear in mind that resetting your Instagram password is outside the scope of Inbomba. You will need to follow the steps on the Instagram app to reset your Instagram password.

Instagram 6-digit security code

If you are being prompted by Inbomba to verify your Instagram account with a 6-digit security code, please bear in mind that this code is coming from Instagram and not Inbomba. We suggest that you verify immediately after receiving the code, as this code will expire.

Unexpected Instagram password reset

If you are being asked by Instagram to change your password, please follow the steps Instagram outlines to complete this process. Please note that this is not a password reset from Inbomba.

You may need to check your Instagram settings on their app to make sure you have the right email set up to receive the password reset email. Search your inbox for “Instagram” as this message could easily go to your spam folder.

It is important to verify the password reset as soon as you receive the email, as if you try to verify hours later, the reset link may have expired, and you will then need to generate a new password reset link and follow the verification steps again.

After you’ve verified with Instagram, you should be able to add or reconnect your Instagram account on Inbomba using your username and password.

Multiple accounts

How many accounts can I add?

As you want. To add an account  simply click Add Account, enter the credentials, define your Settings, and Start your Activity.

How I add another Instagram username to my Dashboard?

To add an account  simply click Add Account, enter the credentials, define your Settings, and Start your Activity.

Can I save/load settings to different accounts?

To Save/Load Settings, click the Save/Load Settings button on your Account Setting page. You can name your Preset and save it.

Then, if you want to load this preset onto another account, you can click the Save/Load Settings button on that Account Setting page for that username, select your Preset, and click Load.

How can I remove a Instagram account from my dashboard?

To remove a Instagram account from your dashboard click button “Remove” under your account tabs on your Dashboard.

NOTE: All your plans and remaining days will be deleted !

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