First steps

1 – In Dashboard section click on the bottom right button “add account” to add your Instagram account, add your Instagram credentials and the Inbomba Plan bought (if it’s your first time you can select the Free plan now). See the right picture below
When you see you your profile picture the account is linked with Inbomba.
   Don’t worry, your data are secure, our website use SSL encription protection, have you seen the green “https” on the address line ?

instabomba guideinbomba manage your plans

2 – Click on setting of your Instagram account box.

3 – On the next page set your reference hashtags, your reference locations, activate or not the comments function and set your time activity.
Instabomba account

4 – Click on “save setting” at the bottom of the screen.

5 – With this basic setting the app is set up and you can click Start and enjoy your service.


NOTE: If you are an expert user and want other functions, open the bottom drop menù called “Advanced setting”.

Here you can set a lot of other functions and set your own proxy. See the section “Proxy setting” for more information.

Everything you need to know before start


First time in Inbomba? Well, this automatic Instagram service is based on follow other accounts, likes and comments media of other accounts to get engagement with your account.

Important note

Before starting read our Terms of Service.

It’s important that your Instagram account doesn’t look fake or spam. Better to have some photo or video posted. 15 is a good number for being safe and remember that more photos you will public more followers you can get.

Basic setting

First, set your interested hashtags, then set your interested locations and some nice and cool comments or leave the preset ones.

You can get more info in the specific tabs.

Time management

Our service emulates human behavior and stops his activity for some hours a day..

We recommend to stop the activity from 6 to 8 hours every day.


After few days you can increase the number of like, follow/unfollow or comments per hour or try other functions.

Important information

When Inbomba is working you can post pictures without worries. Likes, comments or follow/unfollow manually could lead to password reset.

Manage your plans

Remember that first time you login on inbomba you can profit by the 5 days of free trial.

You can check your plans on the Dashboard panel under the “Plans” section box, pass over My Plans with the mouse to see your bought plans and the free trial also.

See the picture below.

inbomba manage your plans

When you add a new Instagram account can select the plan to use with this Instagram account.

See the picture below.

inbomba manage your plans

Add plans to a started Instagram account

If you want to add some days or a plan to a working Instagram account you can click on the orange plus icon, on the top right corner of the selected Instagram account, the days will be added up in the previous days total. The expiration date will be changed to match the days added; check it on the information section of your Instagram account.

inbomba manage your plans

Activity Example

As an example, we consider you want to promote your stylish women shoe’s store, based in Ravenna (Italy).

1- First, we set the reference hashtags. Let’s start with the word “shoes”. Click on “add tags” and look for shoes, inbomba will return all the hashtags related to the word searched in order of popularity. Let’s tick what we are interested in and click on “add tags” on the bottom.
As you see, the selected hashtags are now in the Hash Tags section of the page.
We can add other hashtags, for example, “elegant shoes”, “fashion shoes”, “heeled shoes”, “women shoes”, “decoltè”, etc…

2 – In the Location section we do the same but with the places of interest of our business, which we have said is in the center of Ravenna.
Then click on “Add Location” and look for “Ravenna”, select our places of interest and click on Add Location in the bottom of the page.
We can add other places of interest to our business, not only possible customers who browse photos with “Ravenna” could be interested in our shoes, but also those in nearby cities, so we add other interesting places.

3 – We choose to activate the comments and if we do not want the default ones already set up, let us change it to our liking.
PS. Comments are a very powerful feature to earn followers, but they may be misunderstood by the user who receives the comment, use them carefully and your followers will grow to the stars!

4 – We set the time to inbomba activity, some hours of rest are required.

5 – On the bottom of the advance setting we can set up our own proxy IP, this is more safer for us. We bought a proxy line from Italy and add the I, user and password on the requested fields.

Inbomba parameters


  • Add at least 5 tags to get media from.
  • Choose hashtags which are related to your field of activity or your insterest.
  • Choose tags with decent numbers of followers, you can check on our search pop-up windows, on top the most popolar.
  • Not insert # symbol before the tags
  • We recommend to use 10 tags or more, up to 500 tags
  • This function can not be disabled


  • Add at least one location to get media from.
  • Choose location which are close or related to your field of activity or your insterest.
  • Inbomba likes and comments on media posted in that place or follow people whom post media in that location.
  • Up to 100 locations.
  • If no location added this function is disabled


  • For each post which inbomba interact a new comment will be randomly selected from your list.
  • We reccomend using at least 10 differents comments, as soon as possible neutral polite and different.
  • Not exceed 300 characters per comment
  • Up to 4 hashtags per comment.
  • Only 1 URL per comment.
  • More options in advanced settings.
  • Not only capital letters
  • If no comments added, this function is disabled.
  • Up to 100 comments

Time Management

  • This function simulate a real human activity and stop the service for some hours during the day.
  • Default setting is to stop the activity from 00.00 to 05.00.
  • Select your time zone
  • At least 2 hours of stop is required.

Number of like per hour

  • Number of likes that your activity will try to post in a hour
  • Start with the default setting, especially if you instagram account is new, and then increase the number every week.
  • Default setting :30
  • Max setting: 90

Like by account user

  • Add at least one instagram username to let inbomba interacts with his followers.
  • Inbomba follows them and choose up to 5 recently posted media from each account for automatic likes and comments
  • Up to 50 usernames
  • If no usernames added, this function is disabled.

Like your newsfeed

  • Put some likes to your follower’s media as sign of loyalite and for get more engagement.

Number of comments per hour

  • Number of comments that your activity will try to post in a hour
  • Default setting : 8
  • Max setting: 10

Max comments to the same user

  • Number of comments to the same user, to not comment to many times.
  • Default setting: 2
  • Max setting: 10

Number of follow per hour

  • Number of follow that your activity will try to post in a hour
  • Start with the default setting, especially if you instagram account is new, and then increase the number every week.
  • Default setting :18
  • Max setting: 40

Number of unfollow per hour

  • Number of unfollow that your activity will try to post in a hour
  • Start with the default setting, especially if you instagram account is new, and then increase the number every week.
  • Default setting :16
  • Max setting: 40

How many times follow/unfollow the same user

  • Don’t follow/unfollow the same user too many times, don’t annoying him !
  • Default setting : 2
  • Max setting: 6

Don’t unfollow my followers

  • You will not unfollow your followers.
  • NOTE: This function reduce considerably the speed of the unfollow activity, it depends on the number of your followers.

User exception

  • Add the users which you want to exclude from the Inbomba activity
  • No interaction with these users

Proxy setting

  • Add here you own proxy IP, user and password if you have got one.
  • If you haven’t it, inbomba use one of its proxy.
  • Remember to buy only private proxy line. More info on the support page.

Need more help ?

Go to the FAQ section 
My account

On MyAccount section you can manage your Inbomba account details:

  • see your order and download your bills
  • change your password
  • modify your billing address
Proxy setting

Proxies are needed for your account protection. When you use a private proxy your automation service IP address will be always the same and unique for your account, this mean that the geographic location of your inbomba service will be always on the same place. A shadowban from Instagram is impossible.

Our service uses dedicated private proxy for each users or give you the possibility to use your own dedicates proxy from the country or location that you want.

We advice you to buy proxies from, they cover more or less every country of the World and affordable prices.


Inbomba Proxy setting


If you want add your own proxy, after bought a private proxy line go in your account setting, advance setting. On the bottom there is the Proxy section and add all the parameters of your proxy: IP, port, username and password.

IMPORTANT:  Click on the buttton “Test Proxy Connection” to test if everything working fine. If not, your inbomba service will be put on pause and you’ll receive a mail with a communication of the service status. Until you have not fix it, your service will rest on pause.

Affiliation Program

Inbomba offers an affiliate program which can bring you some extra money by advice the service to your friends.
Your Affiliates get 15% of discount on their first purchase and you get the 15% of what the will spend on their lifetime on inbomba.

1 – First of all you have to register to Affiliate Program, after the inbomba registration, by click on Store Affiliates on the dropdown menù, top right corner of the website.


affiliates program

2- On the next windows click on “Apply” and register with all your info.

3- So then you could enter on the Affiliate Store page, that includes:

  • Overview
  • Sales: you can view your sales
  • Payments: You can check your earns from the affiliate program
  • Creatives: You can take and modify the link that you’ll give to your future affiliates
  • Edit Profile: You can change your credentials and your payment method


We buy our proxy from, and suggest you to buy from them.

They cover more or less all the world and you can find the right proxy location.

Remember always to buy private proxy line, never use free shared proxy lines. Instagram could shadowban your account.

Ready to start ?

Come back to your dashboard, set your parameters and let inbomba works for you !

We are upgrading our service. It will stop for some days. We'll come back soon ! Dismiss